Travel Information | Covid-19 

Dear friends and guests,

The outbreak of Covid-19 has brought an enormous impact on our lives and our societies.

The last few months we have all been trained to contain the spread of the virus by changing our everyday life.

In our country Greece, the remarkable, prompt action has led to the containment of the virus, showcasing our country in international media as an example to be followed.

As a result, in Greece we are reopening Tourist Season 2020, with preparedness and optimism.

We will be delighted to host and welcome you, adding our unique family-touch hospitality to the impeccable Chania Old town essence and contribute to this summer's holiday which for many will be more precious and meaningful than ever before!

Casa Kallergi Action Plan

At Casa Kallergi, Safety and Well-being of our guests has always been our top priority!

Now more than ever, we are even more devoted to offer to the Health and Safety of our valued guests and staff members. 

In consultation with the guidelines and recommendations of the World Health Organization, the Greek Ministries of Health and Tourism and the local authorities, we have been trained and certified and are implementing an integrated Health and Safety Plan to address the COVID-19 and any other disease in preventing transmission in the community. Our detailed, meticulous Action Plan is displayed below:

In :

Indoors Public Areas

Increased cleaning and disinfection across all high-volume touch points and all exposed surfaces. Sanitizers are placed one every floor common area.

Education of guests on how to take the necessary precautions.

Simple and fast e-check-in/check-out procedures.

Contactless payment .

Guest Rooms

Deep cleaning and disinfection in our guest suites and bathrooms, using approved detergents and steam cleaner.

Specific sanitation consideration on all high-touch guest room areas using the appropriate disinfectant.

Unused disposable items are discarded, bed linen washed at temperatures of 60-90 degrees.

All furniture made out of fabric disinfected with steam cleaners and disinfectants, while rooms will be ventilated after evacuation.

All glasses, cutlery etc, are washed in dishwasher in 80 degrees and additionally, disposable paper glasses are provided.

Hand hygiene

Alcohol- based hand sanitizers will be available for guests inside their suite, and in the lobby area.

Air-conditioning & ventilation

All air conditions in our suites are safe to operate. Our central ventilation system is maintained to continuous operation with fresh air regarding the latest legislation rules. The circulation of fresh air similarly does not pose any problem to guests’ health and safety.

Daily Cleaning during stay

It is recommended by the Health authorities that daily entry of the housekeeping staff is to be avoided as well as daily change of linen and towels, unless it is requested by the guest.

Therefore during your stay please note, that you will have to use the "Clean My Room" request card on the outside of your suite entrance. You will not be permitted to remain inside the room during cleaning.

Water Health

Our fresh and heated watering systems, pipes and faucets have been serviced and checked/treated to ensure hygiene as guided by the World Health Organization guidelines.

Social Distancing

Social distancing actions will include limiting large groups of people coming together. Our premises, being those of a small boutique establishment, ensure low number of people in public/common use areas. In addition, according to the Health Protocols, it is Not Allowed for non registered guests/friends to enter our premises or the guests suites.

Hotel response team & training

Our management is armed with an internal Response Team, responsible for keeping a pulse on hotel safety operations. Our suites owner/manager and housekeeping staff have received extensive ongoing training on Health & Safety measures to provide a carefree and safe stay to our guests, implementing the POSI (Prevent of Spread of Infection) guide and all procedures and preventive measures.

For more up to date details for your safe travel, please visit the link below, which is constantly updated

Action Plan in the event of Covid-19 incident

You will need to call our 24/7 contact number so that we will safely guide you and assist you.

For your information, Chania General Hospital in our city is well equipped and has a fully equipped Covid-19 section.

Monitoring of Guests and Staff , Registry Book

Following the mandatory Health Protocols, we will have to keep record (Guest and Staff Book) of all name, address, email and phone number of each of our guests and staff. 

This is compulsory as in case of any Covid-19 incident we will only share this information with appointed doctors or the relevant authorities so that they in turn take action into informing contacts so that any potential contamination is prevented. The above exempts from the GDPR rules (new EU GDPR Law 4624/2019).

We can notify our staff and guests in case of the presence of a case of Covid-19 or any suspicious symptoms, however such notification will take place in a discrete way which will not directly or indirectly identify the guest or staff member to other guests or staff.

Looking forward to welcome you!